CSS (Corrective Scene Surgery)

Corrective Scene Surgery is an evolving digital audio/visual series of indefinite length, put together by Mr. Bill & Funilab.
Mr. Bill - Corrective Scene SurgeryThe idea stems from the current model of releasing music digitally. We’re not really happy with the way music is being released at the moment, so we’re here to try and correct it by creating an interesting approach to distributing digital music/art.

The series is going to be a succession of tracks & pages of an adaptive comic book. Releases will happen single by single (similar to The Collaborative Endeavours), yet this time can consist of any ‘types’ of track. In essence, remixes, collabs, originals, sound-design pieces and more. 

All tracks will most likely be released in different ways, however they will all tie together in this one place. Releases could be potentially sparse or frequent, it depends on how Funi & I feel the series is going & if we feel like doing it.

We hope you enjoy this series 🙂

All tracks written, produced and mastered by a swath of different people, however, I’ll obviously be involved with every track, whether it be through collaboration, remixing, bootlegging, covers or anything else. 

All artwork done by Funilab

CSS Releases

Hilbert's Problems Cover

Mr. Bill & Frequent – Hilbert’s Problems

For the 10th instalment in his Corrective Scene Surgery project with graphic artist Funilab, Australian glitch and IDM icon Mr. Bill has collaborated with Frequent on a hard-hitting stomper that pairs subsonic punch with Bill’s signature chopped vocals. “Hilbert’s Problems” is R&B for the 23rd century. Hardcore Abletoneers on mrbillstunes.com will have the ability to...
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Mr. Bill & Zebbler Encanti Experience - $ATTN

Mr. Bill & Zebbler Encanti Experience – $ATTN

Track info: $ATTN is a frantically transforming tapestry of bass music, pieced together with cascading layers of contorted sound design and glitched-out blast beats. Representing a meticulously edited convergence of breaks, trap, twerk, and IDM, this production sets a precedent for progressive electronic music that mutates freely without losing form. Project file info: Mr. Bill...
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Mr. Bill - Crowd Sourced Data

Mr. Bill – Crowd Sourced Data

Total size zipped: 496MB Total size unzipped: 938MB Collected & Saved with Ableton Live Suite 9.5 No 3rd party plug-ins have been frozen Iterations: 6 Mr. Bill – Crowd Sourced Data_9.5: The general idea exists in this iteration, however the mixing is only around 50% of the way there, plus a lot of the samples...
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Mr. Bill & Funilab - Mr. Bill - Jeetvak

Mr. Bill – Jeetvak

Total size zipped: 440 MB Total size unzipped: 859 MB Collected & Saved with Ableton Live Suite 9.5 No 3rd party plug-ins have been frozen Iterations: 9 Mr. Bill – Jeetvak_9.5: The first iteration of this actually started as being The Art Of Mr. Bill – Season 3, but then all the video files became...
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Mr. Bill & ill.Gates - Harmonica Lewinsky Cover

Mr. Bill & ill.Gates – Harmonica Lewinsky

Harmonica Lewinsky is the fourth instalment of Corrective Scene Surgery (CSS), a collaborative audio/visual series by myself & Funilab. The track was written by ill.Gates & I at my studio in Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2015. We streamed the entire process on my Twitch channel here – http://www.twitch.tv/mrbillstunes Fortunately for you producers, we...
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