Deck The Halls (Mr. Bill Reinterpretation) FREE DL


Merry Christmas!!!

Here’s an early christmas present! I reinterpreted the classic christmas carol ‘Deck The Halls’ in my own fun, little way. However, instead of just giving you the tune as a gift, you can download the entire free special edition of this tune! (read more about special editions below)

Standard Edition

Audio Track Only


Enthusiast Edition

Audio Track + Multi Track Stems


Producer Edition

Audio Track, Multi Track Stems + Project File


Other Special Editions

I have released most of my albums as special editions.
You can buy them from the shop or sign up to access all of them at no extra cost.

Special Editions →

Special Editions Explained

So a special edition on is where I take a release, and I distribute it in multiple tiers for multiple prices, these tiers are usually Standard Edition, Enthusiast Edition & Producers Edition.

The Standard Edition is always just the music, as if you were buying or downloading a regular release containing tracks and artwork.

The Enthusiast edition is the standard edition plus, multi-track stems (which I’d distribute to other artists for remixes usually) that you could load into any DAW and inspect the layers separately or create your own remixes and such.

Finally, the Producers Edition is everything in the other two editions plus ALL of the Ableton Project Files, giving producers the option to get right into the guts of how I make music through the use of reverse engineering (and also stealing all of my samples for your own use, if you are that way inclined).

Project File Info & Disclaimer

  • You will need Ableton Live 9.1.6 or later.
  • The following plug-ins are used (and are all VST format)
  • Plugin Alliance – Dynamic Spectrum Mapper
  • Celemony – Melodyne
  • U-he – Zebra 2
  • Native Instruments – Kontakt 5 (Alicias Keys)
  • Native Instruments – Kontakt 5 (Factory Library – Music Box)

There were a lot more plug-ins used in the making of this track, and if you go through the earlier versions you will probably find them, however, I always prefer to render my channels to audio to allow for cleaner editing, and more processing power, so the final product is only using these select few plug-ins.

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