Mr. Bill - Focus

Release Info

Artist Mr. Bill
Label Mr. Bill's Tunes / Adapted Records
Duration 28 min 16 seconds
Genre Glitch / IDM
Composer Mr. Bill
Year 2012


  1. Balance (2:45)
  2. Router (3:53)
  3. Clarity (4:40)
  4. Blush (4:28)
  5. Focus (4:03)
  6. Shatter (4:05)
  7. Tubes (4:18)


“Just when you thought you had a grasp of Mr. Bill’s style, he pushes the envelope further into a vast, unpredictable, glitch fueled territory. His popular release, ‘Focus’, nudges that idea to a new frontier evoking a surplus of emotions and questions”.

The release is commenced with track one, “Balance”, establishing a covert, sneaky vibe prior to hurling you into a warped world of audiological, fractured nourishment in preparation for track two, “Router”, which brings the release to a snaring point with an epic adventure of juicy proportions, delivering crisp 8-bit melodies with luscious spatial manipulation and sound design combined with roaring, jagged bass movements.

“Clarity” shows a very different aspect of Bill’s production, delving into emotive, ambient melodies surpassing his previous work in this area. This concept is continued with “Blush”, which combines serene melodies with intense, sharp glitches that are seemingly designed to put you in a mixed state of relaxation and scrutiny.

The release then continues to the title track, “Focus”, an evolving electronic amalgamation of funk and smooth jazz with tempo, style and bass progressions that will carry you along wherever they go. “Shatter” breaks the conventions of timing with intricate, percussive edits and stereo trickery that flows seamlessly. The release is concluded with “Tubes”, a heavy dosage of atmospheric breaks with heavily manipulated vocals to finalize the release with both style and meaning.

Focus is a 3 tier release:

Standard Edition – The Full Length Album.
Enthusiast Edition – The Full Length Album + Multi Track Stems.
Producer Edition – The Full Length Album + Multi Track Stems + Project Files.

1. Make sure you have Ableton 9.1.4 or later
2. Remixes are fine, just contact before doing anything with them
3. Mainly for educational purposes, and helping people (pls don’t fuck me over – you know what’s right and wrong…)
4. Have fun!


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