Gourmet Everything (2012)

Date:Jan 07, 2013
Artist:Mr. Bill, Freddy Todd, Circuit Bent & Tha Fruitbat
Release:Gourmet Everything
Label:Mr. Bill's Tunes / Adapted Records
Genre:Future Gloss
Composer:Bill Day & Fred Palmer
1. Bloss 5.57
2. Gourmet Everything 6.42
3. Bloss (Circuit Bent Remix) 7.58
4. Gourmet Everything (Tha Fruitbat Remix) 4.22

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What happens when you put the electric Detroit producer Freddy Todd in the studio with Australian glitch-hop mastermind, Mr. Bill? The result is Adapted Records’Gourmet Everything, an incredibly funky adventure through the farthest reaching audio dimensions. Inundating your senses with a range of sound far beyond your wildest expectations,Circuit Bent’s remix of “Bloss” will leave the listener confused and surprised in the most delightfully pleasant ways possible. A funky half-time bounce is enmeshed within an architecture of chirps, squeaks, and squeals to construct a veritable sonic web of pure musical genius, Tha Fruitbat’s remix of “Gourmet Everything” is a monster and tops this release off nicely!

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