Meat Axe – Chocolate Grind (Mr. Bill Remix) Screencast

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Meat Axe – Chocolate Grind (Mr. Bill Remix) Screencast?! You might be thinking, what is this strangely titled release and why are my Reeboks pumped up more than I know is safe right now?

This is an 8 hour video of me remixing this Meat Axe tune from start to finish without talking at all. 8 HOURS!

It’s a good insight into my music production workflow and how I go about tackling remixes using Ableton Live. Though it’s not really an Ableton tutorial, it’s still a powerful way to learn, being able to watch exactly what I do over and over again, picking up new skills like you’re Napolean Dynamite.

Live stream / Download for Hardcore Abletoneers, or you can buy it in the shop.

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