Mr. Bill & ill.Gates – Harmonica Lewinsky

Mr. Bill & ill.Gates - Harmonica Lewinsky Cover


Harmonica Lewinsky is the fourth instalment of Corrective Scene Surgery (CSS), a collaborative audio/visual series by myself & Funilab.

The track was written by ill.Gates & I at my studio in Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2015. We streamed the entire process on my Twitch channel here –

Fortunately for you producers, we recorded all the video files of us writing the tune which totals over 60 hours of footage, which we’re making available on our respective websites, as well as the project file & the stems so you can reverse engineer it and figure out how this track was created from start to finish.

This is a 4 tier release all of which are available to Hardcore Abletoneers at no extra charge right here if you are logged in.

Package Details:

  • Standard = Track (mp3 & wav)
  • Enthusiast = Track (mp3 & wav) + Multi-track Stems
  • Producer Lite = Track (mp3 & wav) + Multi-track Stems + Project File
  • Producer Full = Track (mp3 & wav) + Multi-track Stems + Project File + over 60 hours of production footage.

Note: Part 3 of 7 of the production footage is only available in 720p at this time, a higher quality version should be available by the end of November.


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