Mr. Bill – What The Labels Don’t Want You To Hear: Part 2

Date:Feb 21, 2013
Artist:Mr. Bill
Release:What The Labels Don't Want You To Hear: Part 2
Label:Mr. Bill's Tunes
Genre:Live Set, Glitch
Composer:Bill Day
1. Mr. Bill - What The Labels Don't Want You To Hear - Part 2: 59:39

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This is a set I played at Earth Frequency 2013 (17th Feb 2013).

I’m palming it off as ‘What The Labels Don’t Want You To Hear – Part 2′ due to the fact that there’s a few un-released tracks in there, however, there’s a load of un-released stuff I have that isn’t in this set, or uploaded anywhere, so expect a ‘What The Labels Don’t Want You To Hear – Part 3′ shortly after this :) The reason I didn’t put a bunch of the other un-released stuff in this set is purely because I wanted this set to be a solid banging hour of music, and a lot of the other stuff wouldn’t really fit into this idea.



Kursa – Be Kind, Rewind (Mr. Bill Remix) -
AMB – Bangers & Mash (Mr. Bill Remix) – UNRELEASED
Ill Gates – Pharma Sutra (Mr. Bill Remix) – UNRELEASED
Mr. Bill – Cheyah (Haywyre Remix) – UNRELEASED
Circuit Bent – Pantest (Mr. Bill Remix) -
Electrocado – Seizure Salad (feat. Crazy Daylight) -
Mr. Rogers – Our Time (Mr. Bill Remix) -
Stephan Jacobs – Tatter (Mr. Bill Remix)
Mr. Bill – Heisenbogan -
Mr. Bill – Piss Rash Blues -
Mr. Bill – Heisenbogan (Love & Light Remix) -
Mr. Bill – Cerebellum Serenade -
Mr. Bill – Cheyah -
Mr. Bill & Tyrone J Bain – Slunt – UNRELEASED
Mr. Bill – Teh – UNRELEASED
Sun – On My Radio (Mr. Bill & Stickybuds Remix) -

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