Settling For Mediocrity

Mr. Bill - Settling For Mediocrity (2014) - Album Cover

Release Info

Artist Mr. Bill
Label SectionZ
Genre Glitch/IDM
Composer Bill Day
Year 2014


  1. Settling For Mediocrity
  2. Trickle
  3. Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd - Colloidal Drip
  4. Mr. Bill & The Fruitbat - Straight Up Seminal Shit
  5. Shnaple Shlap
  6. Slate
  7. Mr. Bill & Evoke - Same
  8. Chlorine
  9. Mr. Bill & Slynk - Girl You Got Me Insane
  10. Fingernail Compost
  11. Trench Squid (Ft. Kursa)


The title of the album is based on a feeling I believe all artists experience. Whenever I’m working on music (or anything for that matter) I’m always trying to chase an idea I have in my head and present it in reality where it can be observed, quantified and appreciated, only to realise that my idea or vision is too extreme or disproportionate to my skill set, leaving me constantly in a state of abandoning my art at a point where it can be classed as ‘complete I guess’ and settle for mediocrity.

TLDR: Art is never finished, only abandoned. We all settle for mediocrity.

Settling For Mediocrity is a 3 tier release:

Standard Edition – The Full Length Album.
Enthusiast Edition – The Full Length Album + Multi Track Stems.
Producer Edition – The Full Length Album + Multi Track Stems + Project Files.

1. Make sure you have Ableton 9.1.4 or later
2. Remixes are fine, just contact before doing anything with them
3. Mainly for educational purposes, and helping people (pls don’t fuck me over – you know what’s right and wrong…)
4. Have fun!


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