Sway (2011)

Date:Jan 07, 2013
Artist:Mr. Bill
Label:Mr. Bill's Tunes
Composer:Bill Day
1. Sway 4.12
2. Rust 4.01
3. Sway (feat. Jason Bowld) 4.12

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Mr Bill hits us hard with a new 3 track “electrostep” release on Delicious Music. We’re amped to have Mr Bill working with us on this one and extremely excited to feature Jason Bowld: a world renowned session/ touring drummer for groups such as Killing Joke and Bullet for my Valentine.People have described the art associated with Mr Bill’s project as a distinct brand of 8bit glitchy funk. An audiological reflection of our world growing ever more mechanistic which seemingly takes sounds and influences from every aspect of life. It’s a representation of the inner workings of the quantum realm when harvested through concentration and intent.

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