TAOMB – S01E02 – The Bass (Part 1)

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Episode two begins with a quick re-cap of part one, then quickly moves on to creating a bass-line, which will then serve as the fundamental motif of the track once layered with the drum-beat. I talk about MIDI some more, and introduce the concept of different input devices into MIDI tracks (using the QWERTY keyboard as a MIDI input device, or using a controller as an input device). I also cover more functionality things with-in Live, in this case specifically related to working with MIDI rather than audio (as presented more in part one).

After talking more about synthesis, and creating a bass patch using Operator, I then address the concept of re-sampling, playing audio out of sampler, then automating a bunch of parameters to add movement, and of course, writing and working with MIDI clips and dealing with control change data, again to add movement by applying things such a pitch-bends.

I also cover basic mixing concepts a little further in this part, introducing things like side-chaining, subtractive equalisation vs additive equalisation and compositional mixing, (only having a few things happening at any given time to allow space for the mix to breathe).


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