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“With IRL, Mr. Bill has executed a sound that refines & thickens the glitch/IDM genre to an uncontaminated area that will enrich its core fans as well as make it more accessible to new ones.”

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Well, what can I say about my own album? I guess this (for me) is the pinnacle of my work thus far, and I feel like this is the closest I’ve come to expressing what I feel like I’m trying to extract through music in terms of both how it makes me feel emotionally as well as physically.

This special edition includes:

The Full Length Album + Multi Track Stems + Project Files.

1. Make sure you have Ableton 9.1.4 or later
2. Enthusiast Edition & Producer Edition come without the track ‘Amnesia’
3. Remixes are fine, just contact before doing anything with them
4. Mainly for educational purposes, and helping people (pls don’t fuck me over – you know what’s right and wrong…)
5. Have fun!

2 reviews for IRL

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    starsweeper (verified owner)

    PS- Just gotta say… my faves thus far, are “02. Mr. Bill – The Enabler & The Enabled” and “11. Mr. Bill & VideoCat – Rusty Wonderland”, and “12. Mr. Bill & Skope – Amnesia”
    The album as a whole is very cohesive, and VERY original, incorporating many different genres while -owning- each one. It has several elements of funk, “EDM”, DJ, Glitch, Soul, and DnB meshed up into one journey of listening. Thanks again!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    starsweeper (verified owner)

    I regret buying this $10 album IMMENSELY! I had a funny feeling I should have bought the Producer version, so now I will end up paying $110! -LOL!
    Joking aside–
    I discovered Mr Bill about a year ago. I am ecstatic that I can donate/purchase this IRL album to support his cause that benefits anyone that is reading this right now.
    I can’t wait to spend an additional $100 to get the producer package. Until then, I will listen and analyze this “top shelf” production he has created. Thank you Mr Bill!

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