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I’ve had a lot of requests for sample packs over the years and I did have a few during The Art of Mr. Bill – Season 1, but I always felt they were outdated quickly. Whether or not they become old to me in the future, I’ve decided to start releasing some sample packs again and what better way to start than with 33 neuro bass-sounds that I made during a live-stream in early 2013?

Here’s a short video about the Mr. Bill – Neuro Basses Sample Pack:

I kinda like the idea of doing more purposeful sound-design sessions, which gives me an excuse to release small packs like this more frequently, possibly even doing more of them over live streams. No promises though :p It’s hard to stay committed to these things.

I recently did a 3 part miniseries in conjunction with Splice where I talked about using these samples in a tune.

I’ve also teamed up with the guys over at ToneDen to offer you lifetime upgrades to their Premium service as a bit of cross promotion. ToneDen is a music sharing platform that helps up and coming producers reach more fans – and although they are well-known for their “follow to download” tools, they’ve launched a cool new app for iPhones that lets you easily share new music with friends!

To get your Toneden upgrade:

1. Create an account here:
2. Reply to your welcome email with a link to your ToneDen profile OR
3. Email with a link to your ToneDen profile
4. Check your ToneDen notifications for your Toneden exclusive discount code to become a Hardcore Abletoneer at 10% off FOR LIFE.

ToneDen Premium gets you access to unlimited follow to download pages, on top of other useful tools. I look forward to seeing you on there and you can download the mobile app here

You can grab the sample pack here

(Hardcore Abletoneers can get it from the Sample Packs page)

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  1. Luke

    Fucking awesome sounds man. What synth did you use to create these?
    I’m making my way through TAOMB s3 rn, fluctuating between totally inspired and completely unsatisfied with my own tracks.

    Cheers for creating this site etc, you have expanded my awareness of possibilities immensely.


    1. Benbodhi (Tech Support)

      The download link will be in the email that was sent to you (maybe check spam if you didn’t see it).
      Additionally, if you sign/ed up for a free account, you can view your downloads on the My Account page.

  2. Hi I am Divisionary,

    I appreciate your contribution to producers, such as myself. Although I believe that the name your price system is fair, as well as I’m sure that the samples are worth much more than a dollar, this sample pack is being advertised as free. Once I get my finances in order, paying a dollar for this pack is a no brainer. Yet, if this pack wasn’t posted as a free pack I wouldn’t have spent the time getting to the download link, simply because I can’t even spend a dollar extra at the moment. Typically I would shut my phone off while producing but it seems as though that’s all I’ve been doing lately so I leave it on. When your struggling like myself, which a lot of producers are, a free pack is just what you need to cheer up from the situation sometimes. To conclude, I normally don’t complain about anything and can’t stand when people have a feeling of entitlement and whine about stuff like this. Yet, I’m just in an unbelievable amount of stress and taking the time out of my job to find out I would be empty handed even though I was told otherwise, kind of hit a nerve. Thanks again for the pack! I’ll have to visit soon and pick it up once I get some money in the bank. No hard feelings, I am simply suggesting you modify how it’s being advertised.

    1. Benbodhi (Tech Support)

      Hi Ryan,

      It is marketed as a FREE pack because our pay what you want system lets you put in $0 which is free… it is the cost of clicking buttons.

      1. Hi Benbodhi,

        I’m not certain if it was the network that I am on causing an error, or if this website malfunctioned, but I did try to input 0 into the amount box and it told me to please give a value higher than one. I did a little trial and error before posting my comment. As I said, I generally don’t complain about stuff like this as well as typing the message took more time so I wanted to make sure it was warranted. Although, if I’m missing something I would appreciate your guidance. Thanks. Hope I’m not coming off as being sarcastic. I’m being completely genuine.

        1. Benbodhi (Tech Support)

          It might be the browser you’re using.
          There has been hundreds of free downloads, so it has to be something on your end.
          We recommend using Chrome, but try any browser and see how you go. You can definitely put in $0.

          1. Hey,

            I think it was the browser. Regardless of the technical error, I was able to download it! It’s awesome! I have to read the details of license if I’ve came with the samples. I can’t recall if it did or not and I’ve been ridiculously busy lately. Anyhow, the samples in this pack would make for excellent resynthesis material, if the packs EULA permits resynthesis. I would assume it does as long as the appropriate credits are provided in the compositions details per sample resynthed. Thanks for the help!




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