Culprate - Tentacle VIP (Mr. Bill Remix)

Ableton Live Project File
According to my emails, on the 12th of September, 2016 – I emailed John (Culprate) telling him I’d finished this Tentacle remix (of which I’d asked him for stems for a month or so earlier, because I loved the tune & just wanted to Mr. Bill’ify it) – and so there it laid, for around a year (slightly more actually) until now! Many talks happened on how we wanted to release this one, and in the end we saw a home for it on the Night Owl Collective’s newest compilation “Feel Trip Vol 3”. Upon making this decision I asked John if he’d be OK with me releasing the project file, and being the nice guy he is, he agreed. So here you have it! Enjoy 😀
There’s a Pro-Q on “Channel 28” which is the “Synths 1 (Pianos)” group that I couldn’t freeze, as you cannot freeze groups. It is basically cutting 5dB from 200hz with a Q of 1.6, and boosting 11k by 2.5dB with a Q of 1 if you feel the need to recreate it using Live’s native EQ Eight or something, however I figured as far as educational purposes (or even remix purposes) go, it’s not that important. There’s a Pro-Q on “Channel 63” which is the “Vocals (Bill + Culprate Vox)” group which is unfreezable unfortunately. It does only turn on during “Vox Drop 1” & “Piano Outro” though, so it won’t effect the whole tune + it’s just making things a little brighter & cutting some low frequencies at 185hz. For the sake of education or remixes, this isn’t too vital. On “Channel 80” you’ll see a clip called “Culprate Vox Bus Render”, and note “Channel 79” is muted. This was due to an instance of “Uhbik-A” & “Pro-Q” being on this channel & the monitor state set to “In”, rendering it unfreezable. I felt this was the best solution. Feel free to mute Channel 80 & unmute Channel 79 if you have these plug-ins. “Return Channel A – Reverb” is unfreezable (as all return tracks are), and has an instance of “Valhalla Room” & “Pro-Q” on it, I’ve monitored the tune with the return channel both engaged & muted, and haven’t noticed a huge difference, so you should be OK without this. The master is unfreezable (as master channels always are), and on this master channel there is a Pro Q-2 & Pro-L doing some basic mastering stuff. The EQ is just brigtening & coloring different elements of the spectrum mainly & the Pro-L is boosting the gain by about 15dB. You could try & re-create this with Live’s native EQ Eight & Limiter, or you could just turn your speakers up & hear the raw, un-mastered, dynamic version (which I personally prefer).