Getting Started

Where To Begin

So where do I start?

It really depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

If you want to learn Ableton Live, you should start with the Ableton Devices Course, a series that takes you through practical uses of every built in Live tool. Then you could move on to The Art of Mr. Bill series.

If you want to listen to Music, Download Project Files or Sample Packs to use in your own production, or want to tune in to past live streams, they’re all in the main menu.

Where's all the free stuff?

Most audio releases are “Pay What You Want” or “Name Your Price”, meaning you can simply pay $0, nothing… FREE. But you want to support Mr. Bill right???

There’s also a huge amount of FREE tutorials on the Mr. Bill’s Tunes YouTube channel.

You can catch live streams for free on Twitch as they happen, but they go into the Hardcore Abletoneer Live Streams section after the stream is finished, exclusive to Hardcore Abletoneers to go through the library and watch any previous streams.

How and where do I download the goods?

If you are logged in as a Hardcore Abletoneer, you should see a horizontal bar of icons for the downloadable files on each digital release page, under a heading called “Hardcore Abletoneer Downloads”.

Please note, bundles do not have downloadable files in them as they are simply virtual groups of single packs. You can download each sample pack separately though.

If you purchased an item outside of a subscription, you will see download links under “My Account > Downloads” in addition to your email notification and the order confirmation screen.

The Downloads section is only for one off purchases, so Hardcore Abletoneers won’t see downloads in this screen.

How will I know when new stuff is released?

Simple! Join the mailing list.

We don’t spam, we only send you things relating directly to Mr. Bill and this website.

You can sign up on the Home Page.

Join us on The Billegal Discord Server and the Billegal Facebook Group.

Also, jump over to Facebook and make sure you get updates from the Mr. Bill page, it’s easy:
Go to Mr. Bill’s Facebook page – like it, then hover your cursor over where it says “Liked”, then where it says “In Your News Feed”, click the little pencil to edit how that page’s posts show up in your feed and select “See First”, then click done! Now you’ll be in the know.


What, Where, How?

Where is my SPECTRA Download?

You should have received an email with a link to go and download SPECTRA, however, there’s reports of the email landing in spam/junk/promotional.

If you can’t find the email, click here to download SPECTRA (with an active Hardcore Abletoneer subscription).

How do I change my profile picture?
Your profile picture is automatically pulled from Gravatar using your email address.

To change your picture, you will need to change it in your Gravatar account.

Go to Gravatar.com

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t allow username changes. However, you can contact support and we can change it manually for you if you really need a change.

Hardcore Abletoneers

Premium Subscribers

What is a Hardcore Abletoneer?

Hardcore Abletoneer is the term we use for our premium subscribers.

In addition to music, there’s exclusive content available to you as a Hardcore Abletoneer including Project Files, Ableton Live Courses, Production Footage, Sample Packs, Exclusive HCA Feed and early access to the podcast all at no extra cost.

You must have an active Hardcore Abletoneer subscription to retain access to exclusive content at no extra cost.

When you’re signed in as a Hardcore Abletoneer, the prices for digital products will disappear and you’ll see download links, videos and “take this course” buttons.

Only physical merch will stay as normal products with prices.

How much is it to sign up?

We have two price points for Hardcore Abletoneer subscriptions:

$20/month (you pay $20 per month until you suspend, cancel or default). This is also “pay what you want” so you can set the price to anything provided it is at least $20.


$12.50/month (you pay $150 per year until you suspend, cancel or default). This is also “pay what you want” so you can set the price to anything provided it is at least $20.

Both subscriptions have exactly the same access and benefits, you just save $90 per year when you commit to a year in advance.

Additionally, we have 2 other subscriptions that are restricted to:

Podcast Supporter (from $1/month) – This gives you access to the early podcast feed and bonus episodes that never air to the public podcast.

Live Streamer (from $7/month) – This gives you access to the podcast early and bonus episodes plus the huge live stream library with over 1000 hours of footage!

Do I have to sign up to get access?

If you’re afraid of commitment or you simply don’t want to sign up for a paid subscription, but you’d like access to the same content, you can purchase single items directly where available.

You will see prices and “add to cart” buttons on all of the releases that support one off payment.

What's the difference between signing up or just buying the material?

Signing Up as a Hardcore Abletoneer

If you sign up for a paid subscription as a Hardcore Abletoneer, you get access to everything on the site at no extra cost. You can stream tutorial videos, download project files and sample packs and take any course you like at no extra cost.

You will also automatically have access to anything that is released in the future (while your Hardcore Abletoneer subscription stays active).

The prices and shop style features will be replaced by download links and full content when you’re logged in as a Hardcore Abletoneer with an active subscription.

Guests and Free Members

Guests and Free Members are not be able to access direct download links or full content without purchasing them first. When a purchase is made, the items will become available under My Downloads and/or My Courses in your “My Account” page.

If you buy anything outright, you would end up paying more if you keep buying things as they come out… We offer that option for people with commitment issues and people that only really want a few things. You’ll gain more by signing up.

For Example:

You buy the album IRL – with all of the extra content, which is $100…

But signing up for a whole year is $150… Which will give you an entire year of access to that exact same album plus EVERYTHING else on the site worth literally thousands more.

Additionally, you’ll automatically have access to anything that’s released in the future while your subscription stays active.

How does Licencing, Re-Use & Distribution work?

Project files and stems to all Mr. Bill songs and collabs are meant as educational tools.

While you are free to create remixes using these tools, please do not release them through distribution to digital streaming platforms or online stores.

Feel free to upload them to SoundCloud or other similar music posting sites, but any derivatives cannot be treated like official remixes.

Mr. Bill Bucks

Points & Rewards

What are Mr. Bill Bucks?

Mr. Bill Bucks are the currency for our rewards program.

For every dollar spent on the site, you will be rewarded Mr. Bill Bucks that are redeemable on the site.

Mr. Bill Bucks can strictly only be used on this website. They hold no cash value.

How much are Mr. Bill Bucks worth?

200 Mr. Bill Bucks = $1 USD

You collect Mr. Bill Bucks at an amount of 10 per $1 USD spent (spend $20 USD to collect 200 Mr. Bill Bucks, worth $1 USD).

This all equals a perpetual 5% “cash back” style rewards program.

Mr. Bill Bucks can strictly only be used on this website. They hold no cash value.

How do I earn Mr. Bill Bucks?

You’re awarded Mr. Bill Bucks for:

Creating an account (50)

Reviewing your purchases (100)

Spending any money on the website (10 for every $1 USD spent)

What can I use Mr. Bill Bucks for?

You can use your Mr. Bill Bucks to offset your subscription cost or buy merchandise and digital products if you aren’t a Hardcore Abletoneer.

You can also gift your Mr. Bill Bucks to other people, if you feel so inclined.

Mr. Bill Bucks can strictly only be used on this website. They hold no cash value.

Do Mr. Bill Bucks expire?
Currently there is no expiry date or expiry period.


Having Issues?

Why can't I download anything after signing up?

If you signed up as a Hardcore Abletoneer and you’re logged in but can’t download content, please Contact Tech Support and quote your username, recent order # and any details about what you’re experiencing.

This will help us sort out your issue quicker. The more info we have, the better we can help.

Why is my download corrupt or broken?

This is very rare, but if you’re having trouble with corrupted, broken, file does not exist or similar issues, it’s usually because the download didn’t finish completely.

A lot of the content on this site is absolutely massive, which means downloads can easily become unstable.

Please download large files using a browser that supports broken/paused downloads (Brave or Chrome is recommended) in case this does happen.

Alternatively, you could use a download manager of some kind.

If you’re still having trouble, please Contact Tech Support with the details of your issue and we’ll do our best to help you out.

What should I use to download files?
Chrome has a good extension called Chrono which helps manage your downloads. You can pause them and restart if they fail.
Why do I still see "Add To Cart" buttons?

The add to cart button should only still be visible on physical products or if your login isn’t recognised.

If you think the add to cart button sholdn’t be there and you can’t direct download items that you should be able to while logged in, please try a forced refresh (CMD+SHIFT+R in Brave on Mac, but different in some cases and for windows).

Failing that, please contact support and we’ll help you out.

Why does the site keep logging me out?
This can be caused by a cache issue. Please try:

  • clearing your browser cache
  • using a different browser
  • using a Chrome incognito window

Any one of these options should work.

Why can't I view some episodes from the courses?

If your membership and subscription are both active and you still can’t access some course videos, first try pausing then reactivating your subscription from the My Account > Subscriptions page.

This can also be caused by a cache issue. Please try:

  • a hard refresh (CMD+SHIFT+R in Chrome on Mac)
  • clearing your browser cache
  • using a different browser
  • using an incognito/private window

Any one of these options should work.

Why can't I view the Live Streams?

If your membership and subscription are both active and you still can’t access the live streams, first try pausing then reactivating your subscription from the My Account > Subscriptions page.

This can also be caused by a cache issue. Please try:

  • a hard refresh (CMD+SHIFT+R in Chrome on Mac)
  • clearing your browser cache
  • using a different browser
  • using an incognito/private window

Any one of these options should work.

Why do I get a privacy settings error on videos?

Sometimes there’s privacy and ad blocking plugins that will block the videos for some reason. Try switching off anything of that nature for our site.

Payments & Accounts

Refunds & Subscriptions

What payment methods do you accept?

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and alt-coins), Credit/Debit Card (Stripe) and PayPal are currently the accepted payment methods to subscribe or buy products from Mr. Bill’s Tunes.

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and alt-coins): Our preferred method of payment is cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. We see it as the future and support the use of it on our site by even offering you a discount for using your crypto. You also have the option to pay with a huge number of alternative coins if you don’t have Bitcoin… but you should have Bitcoin. (not financial advice).
Please note: automatic subscriptions are not supported with crypto, you will need to manually send the amount indicated each month when you get your invoice. Don’t worry, it’s really quick and easy.

Please note, crypto payments are currently not available due to our original gateway moving the goal posts on what they required from us. We will add a new solution soon.

Credit/Debit Card (Stripe): Pay using your credit or debit card. Fully supports automatic renewals and is handled by our gateway Stripe.

PayPal: Pay using your PayPal account. Fully supports automatic renewals. For most countries a PayPal account is not required to simply purchase items; you can checkout as a guest using a credit/debit card either through PayPal or the Credit Card gateway. PayPal sometimes rejects valid credit/debit cards. If this occurs, trying again or using an alternate credit/debit card can help… Or simply try the Credit Card gateway provided at checkout. Unfortunately, PayPal requires users in some countries (such as New Zealand) to create an account, even for simple purchases. This is out of our control.

Can I pause my subscription?

You’re now able to suspend your subscription instead of cancelling if you can’t afford it at the time of renewal.

Head to “My Account > Subscriptions” and you’ll see the option to pause/suspend your current active subscription.

You can do this up to 7 times per billing period!

Please note, you will not have access to the Hardcore Abletoneer content while your subscription is suspended.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription and relinquish your full access to the site easily!

Head to “My Account > Subscriptions” while logged in, you will see the option to cancel your active subscription.

But why would you when you can pause it indefinitely?

If you have trouble or any questions, please Contact Tech Support and we’ll help you out.

Can I get a refund?

We do not usually offer refunds on digital purchases due to the nature of the products.

But if you feel you should get one (or need one), please let us know and we will evaluate your situation.

Approval of refunds will be at our discretion. Please read the refund policy page before getting in touch.

Shop & Checkout

Making Purchases

Can I buy things without an account?

You sure can, simply checkout as a guest and don’t create an account.

We collect address details because we ship physical items that are not downloadable such as merchandise.

Note: some products are only available via subscription.

Where are the links to download my purchases?

Guest – If you checkout as a guest, you will be able to download your items from the page you are redirected to once the order is complete or alternatively, your items will be listed with download links in an email to you.

Registered – If you checked the box to create an account or already have an account, you will be able to see your downloads under “My Account > Downloads” section as well as in the order confirmation email.


Please note: this is for one off purchases. Downloadable content for subscriptions is available on their respectoive pages of the site.

If you’re having trouble or have any questions, please Contact Support.

Personal Stuff

All About Mr. Bill

Where's that AMA you did?

I did an AMA that answers a whole bunch of personal questions.

You can check it out here:


What is your current computer build?
Apart from some custom fans, you can see my current (May 2017) build here:


What speakers do you use?
Event Opals (Loudspeakers) & Audeze LCD-X’s (Headphones)
What soundcard do you use?
I have quite the collection – I use them all for different reasons.

Yamaha AG-03 (for streaming)

RME Fireface 802 (for most studio work & live-use)

Metric Halo ULN-2 (for studio work sometimes, mostly recording vocals)

NI – Komplete 6 (as a backup for live use)

Do you use MIDI controllers to write music?

I mostly use my mouse & keyboard, however – I use some controllers live and I have some around the studio.

These include:

Akai MAX 49

Roland – SPD-SX


DJ Techtools – MIDI Fighter 3D & Twister

Do you use any hardware or outboard gear in your productions?
Yes and No.

I’m not huge on synths, but I have a MOOG – Mother 32 which I really like, and an Access Virus TI (which I barely use, honestly).

When it comes to hardware, I use guitar quite a bit in my music.

I use recorded sounds (which I record through an EV-RE20 into whatever soundcard I feel like, but mostly the RME or Metric Halo).

I also record live drums and vocals into my music quite a bit (albeit, it gets quite processed before the final product). I usually just do this with the EV-RE20.

How do you blow your nose with that thing in it?
Turns out, having the nose ring in and blowing the nose aren’t mutually exclusive.

I just take it out, blow my nose, then put it back in.

Still got questions? Get in touch!
Head to the contact page for Tech Support or get social below.
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