Craft Your Sonic Masterpiece with The Art of Mr. Bill

Transform your passion into a masterpiece – join our community of inspired music producers in learning with The Art of Mr. Bill – Season 5.

The Art of Mr. Bill - Season 05 - Ableton Tutorials

Are you:
– An intermediate music producer seeking to refine your process, skills, and break through plateaus?
– A beginner music producer with little or no experience using Ableton Live who wants to produce music?

I’m Mr. Bill, and I am here to contextualize and expand on splintered information you’ve already learned from my tutorials and others into a form that results in an actual finished, professional piece of music.

The Art Of Mr. Bill is a series that started in 2012. Each season outlines my full production process in a long-form video series, where I create a track from start to finish. Season 5 continues the focus on high quality video production that started in Season 4, captured and produced by GARDNSOUND.

This series invites you to experience the unplanned, chaotic nature of my workflow in its entirety. I’ll share some insights into how I generate creativity and get songs finished on a regular basis.

Quite a bit of time has passed between seasons 4 & 5, but I think it was worth it. I’ve learned so many new tricks since then! This series is a culmination of those put into the context we’re likely all most interested in – how to use said tricks to make a solid tune!

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Mr Bill is the man. Once you go to his site you'll wish you could have told your past self about him ages ago. Game changing insights for DAYS!


Mr. Bill has the uncanny ability of simply explaining complicated concepts, techniques and ideas that are usually reserved for those who have years of experience in the industry. There’s not many people who can show me something totally new with Ableton Live these days. Bill is one of these people.

Tom Cosm

Mr. Bill is exactly the kind of "no BS uber-tech-savvy genius" you want teaching you the heavy hitter production stuff. I'm a huge proponent of looking at the RESULTS of whoever you're learning from and only investing your precious time with people who are where you want to be, and making tunes you respect. His music speaks for itself...brilliant. It's rare to find someone who walks the talk and is also willing to teach all they know without reservation. Bill is one of those rare few. Mad respect and big ups brother! I have personally learned a lot from you and I know thousands of others have done the same. Keep doing what you do! Much love.


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• 150+  Advanced Ableton Video Tutorials
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• 150+  Advanced Ableton Video Tutorials
• 17 High Quality, Royalty Free Sample Packs
• Access To 1000+ Hours Of Exclusive Live Streams
• Exclusive HCA Feed
• Early + Bonus Podcast Episodes

• Instant Access to New Content

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