2CT7 (ft. Qebrus)

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What's This?

Mr. Bill & Qebrus – 2CT7 (Pre-Stem Session)

  • I couldn’t freeze “Channel 11” – “Drum Machines” because the routing was kinda complex, so I rendered an audio file out named “Drum Machine Stuff.wav” that just sits underneath that channel & muted the original channel, so the project will play back fine – but unless you have Izotope Alloy 2 & FabFilter Pro-L, that original channel won’t play back quite as expected if you choose to unmute that one & re-mute the new channel I put underneat it titled “Drum Machine (Rendered)”.
  • I couldn’t freeze an instance of Izotope – Trash 2 on the Bass Group (Channel 13) – so again, I rendered it & put a version that sounds correct in the group (but I have this version muted) – Feel free to mute Channel’s 14-17 & turn Channel 18 “Bass Group Rendered” on if you want to hear this correctly. Note: It’s rendered with sidechain compression on it – so the ouput of Channel 18 is not going to the group, but straight to the master instead. Also note: I set up the hot-key “q” to just switch between monitoring the group or the rendered version (try it out – pretty nifty – take “q” for a spin!).
  • There’s an instance of FabFilter Pro-Q 2 on the FX Group (Channel 29) that I couldn’t freeze (because, you cannot freeze groups) – however, it’s just cutting low frequencies for mix purposes. You could easily trade it out for EQ Eight – and infact, I just put an EQ Eight on the group to replicate what it’s doing. You can turn that on if you don’t have Pro-Q 2.
  • Same as the FX Group, there’s an instance of Pro-Q 2 on the Vocals Group (Channel 46) that I couldn’t freeze (due to being on a group again) – so I’ve put an instance of EQ Eight effectively doing the same thing that you can turn on if you don’t have Pro-Q 2.
  • I couldn’t freeze “Return A” – “Long Verb” which has instances of Valhalla Room & Pro-Q 2 on it, so instead, I rendered a version out & saved it as an audio file on “Channel 46” in the FX Group (that seemed like a fitting place for it to go). So if you don’t have those two plug-ins, feel free to mut Return A & turn on Channel 46.

Plug-ins Used (Frozen)

Mr. Bill & Qebrus – 2CT7 (Post Stem Session)

  • I couldn’t freeze “Return A” (as return channels aren’t freezable) which has Valhalla Room & Pro-Q 2 on it, so instead I rendered a copy into “Channel 15” – so if you don’t have these 2 plug-ins, feel free to turn “Return A” off, and turn “Channel 15” on, and you should be back in business.
  • I also couldn’t freeze the master channel, as it’s also not able to be frozen (stoopid Ableton rulez) – so, there’s an instance of both Pro-L & Pro-Q 2 on there, and they’re taking care of the mastering – however, it’s just some simple EQ’ing & limiting to make it sound nice & loud & be a little more balanced.

Plug-ins Used (Frozen)

2 reviews for 2CT7 (ft. Qebrus)

  1. Lucas ziebart

    this is an incredible track the sound design is beyond me 0.0

  2. sidjay23

    Fabulous track with an truly artist so unique…QEBRUS…rest in peace in KEPLER galaxy.
    thomas had a very love for your sound design.

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