Geen Idee (ft. Holly)

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What's This?

Geen Idee (ft. Holly)

  • This session is maybe rendition 6 or 7 of this tune, so a lot of it is stemmed, however, I tried to re-import as much MIDI & un-printed stuff as possible.
  • I didn’t freeze the Melodyne on “Channel 48” because there was a Vocoder input set & the section it’s used in it’s muted anyway, but I figured I’d leave it there incase you wanted to check out the routing of everything.
  • “Channel 51 & 52” are the same thing, although one is the Kontakt version & one is the printed audio version, I did this because I couldn’t freeze the Kontakt channel (51) because “Channel 48” was taking it as an input. So I printed it, took the input from “Channel 52” then was able to freeze the Kontakt version just so you have that MIDI, too.
  • The group “Kick & Snare” – “Channel 2” has a Valhalla Room & Pro Q-2 on it that I couldn’t freeze, but it’s not that important if you don’t have them, it just turns on at the end & reduces some high frequencies from the drum group + makes it a bit more ambient for the outro.
  • Obviously you can’t freeze the master, so the Pro Q-2 & Pro-L there are unfrozen, but it’s just a basic mastering chain, essentially just making things a bit brighter & louder.

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