Sample Pack Mega Bundle (16 in 1)

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Don’t know which pack to get? Why not get them all?!

This Sample Pack Mega Bundle includes EVERY SINGLE SAMPLE PACK outside of SPECTRA which is a stand alone pack of 1400+ files!

This mega bundle includes all the other 16 separate sample packs! (except SPECTRA)

The Drums Collection
Vol. 1 – Digital Drums
Vol. 2 – Organic Drums
Vol. 3 – Experimental Drums

The Foley Collection
Vol. 1 – Breaking Things
Vol. 2 – Liquids
Vol. 3 – Metals
Vol. 4 – Outdoors
Vol. 5 – Machinery
Vol. 6 – Domestics
Vol. 7 – Sports & Music

The Bass Collection
Vol. 1 – Aggressive Basses
Vol. 2 – Experimental Basses
Vol. 3 – Neuro Stuff

Sound Design & Accessories
Grainery Farm
Glitches and Grains

Worth 600 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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8 reviews for Sample Pack Mega Bundle (16 in 1)

  1. [email protected]

    Does this pack not come with the subscription? I thought it did?

    • Benbodhi (Tech Support)

      Hi there,
      All of the 16 packs included in this bundle are included in the subscription. This bundle is just a grouping of the single packs, so doesn’t actually have any downloads on it. You can get them all though by going to their respective pages.

  2. Justin Rodriguez



    There’s enough stuff on here to orchestrate Dark Side of The Moon in 44hz and at 140bpm…. Hmmm…. An entire Deep Dub DSOTM… That’s an idea! What are y’all waiting for, buy, buy, buy!

  4. Catflex

    gosh, i really need the sample pack, but it’s unfree
    Jesus, i wish it was free

  5. Datsura

    I hate to just paraphrase everyone else but I can’t help it; Everything sounds absolutely stellar. Consistent quality from Mr. Bill, per usual.

  6. djhodges33

    Totally incredible sounds, so glad that I purchased! You won’t find these kind of sounds anywhere else in my experience. Thanks so much!

  7. A/N

    That’s from far the best Bundle that I can find at this price and for this amount of work.
    You got such of a unique style, i’m sure that will help me a lot ahah.

  8. aillanes

    this is the best purchase i’ve made. best sample pack ever, the possibilities are simply endless and every sample works amazing.

    • Benbodhi (Tech Support)

      Thanks so much for your support!

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