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I spent a whole year collecting my best one-shots and loops!

I now have over 1500 files in my most comprehensive sample pack to date.

SPECTRA is the ultimate sample pack!

Worth 500 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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What's This?

34 reviews for SPECTRA

  1. møbiusdrift

    Does this contain all the Drum packs and other mega-pack packs or is this a new pack pack?

    • Benbodhi (Tech Support)

      SPECTRA is its own pack with all new sounds, different to the rest.
      All the rest of the older packs are available in the sample pack mega bundle.

  2. shuta

    I am a japanese high school student. I would like to use your song (spectra) for a Japanese high school dance competition.The tournament may be broadcast only in Japan or distributed free of charge , so we would like to ask for your cooperation free of charge. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Finn

    Super cool, thanks!

  4. Square Circuits

    Great sounds with great quality!!!

  5. RecoveringBrainwashedApe

    I LOVE YOU man! TY for EVERYTHING! Hope to meet you one day.

  6. Nuke Skywalker

    Thank you so much for all the shared ideas and knowledge!


    Damn, didn’t realize it was $50. Well worth the bread, just don’t have it ATM… BUT WHEN I DO! 💙👻💙

    • Benbodhi (Tech Support)

      You could sign up as a Hardcore Abletoneer and get everything on the site for less than $50 😉

  8. ob0_

    Bill really let his balls air out here and it shows (“put em on the line” as they say in your country).

    Well, guess what? It paid off and then some — “plus all your f’ing back-child-support, alimony and interest, you lazy son-of-a-bitch”, (as my mom used to say to my dad).

    Anyway, it’s super zesty. Kick up your feet, grab a snifter of cognac and let ’em hang. A+ work.

  9. Father Son & Alcohol

    Fokken slaps!


    Some sounds are kinda bad but somehow the full pack is usually S P I C Y AF! Thanks bill 🙂

    • Mr. Bill

      Any sound can be good or bad in context 🙂 It’s all what you make of it.

  11. Matt Morris

    if you could only produce with one sample pack, this is the one. A+

    • Mr. Bill

      It’s pretty much the only one I produce with xD I made it for me… I’m glad you’re getting use from it, too. To be honest, I think I might make another soon because I’m somewhat feeling like I’ve been overusing this one a bit, but soon enough that will exist 😀

  12. Ana Paula Arredondo Santos

    thanks !!! absolutely stunning work

  13. FlintsFluids5566

    Holy balls, its amazing

  14. Sander Cools

    Sick pack!

  15. pizza

    bro honestly this is one of the best pack ever like for real you wont see anything like these out there

  16. Daniel Barta


  17. Christopher Zizi

    ur crazy mr bill

  18. Alex Cronje

    Beautiful packs mate, I shall tell stories of your glorious escapades to someone elses’ grand-children!

  19. Cawmly

    Cannot thank you enough for dividing your time in such a way to present the community with such a plethora of unbelievably well-designed, tasty, and useable pieces of audio!

  20. Veeta Crush


  21. Raf

    This sample pack is hax for music production

  22. Calan Neurenberg


  23. jetr3l

    Excellent stuff, thanks Mr. Bill!

  24. brong

    I haven’t download yet

  25. es.zoid

    INSPIRING, awsome

  26. Boris Westerlund

    Love all the hidden gems in this godlike pack.

  27. Emily Makarewicz

    So excited for this!

  28. jayc goldy

    i fucking love you

  29. Lucas ziebart

    This is God tier !

  30. tripphazzarddj

    Nice one Mr. Bill thanks

  31. Erikas Šmidtas

    Stunning sound design!

  32. Luke Tascone

    Oi m8! wut are u waiting for !? Download the fookin pack!

  33. James Killian Harvey


  34. silentscience

    Absolutely a must-have. Bill pulls it off again!

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