The Bass Collection – Vol. 3 – Neuro Stuff

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Volume 3, the final piece to the bass-pack puzzle (for now at least).

Feast your ears on 102, 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files of pure tonal movement (aka “neuro-basses”). If at ANY point in your production career you have thought to yourself “Fuck NOISIA are insane, I wish I could make something half as good as that” – well, you’re ABSOLUTELY screwed, these sounds are not as good as NOISIA’s sounds, but it’s a pretty decent start if you want to sound like a discounted version of NOISIA!

So – go on, my friend. Whack these tonal bass clips right up your clakka & send all your results to Nolan & Husdon at Upscale Recordings.

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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What's This?

6 reviews for The Bass Collection – Vol. 3 – Neuro Stuff

  1. Mapacha


  2. [email protected]

    I don’t think it a coincidence that my penis grew 3/8th of inch after downloading this pack. Jizz!

  3. LucasLi

    This is perfect for anyone looking for sick bass sounds on the go! Play around with these basses as much as you want by buying this amazing sample pack. (P.S. Jonas Aden uses this a lot in his music!!!!!!)

  4. Romain

    You don’t know how to make interesting basses ? You probably should buying this 😉

  5. Sander Cools

    Very Thankfull.

  6. Paulo De Castro

    I said to myself “Hmm.. do you I really need another sample pack?” YES!!! YES I do! Seriously though. Love this Neuro pack. Thank you Mr Bill

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