The Foley Collection – Vol. 1 – Breaking Things

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Got strict parents who won’t let you break shit in their living-room with all your microphones set-up? Yeah… same, well not anymore, I used to, now I live out of home, so I smash shit in my living-room quite a lot actually, and I always make sure to set-up my microphones! Never let your parents down again with this sample pack spanning 109, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz files totaling ~40MB. This pack is designed for layering with other things so listeners can assume that synth patches texture (without it actually being part of the synth patch – dang production bigots assuming my sounds texture). With this pack you’ll be getting an array of sounds from two recording sessions. The first was me exploding fluorescent light tubes in 44 gallon drums, the second is the sounds of me smashing a CD player in my parents lounge-room. This pack was recorded with a range of microphones through a range of preamps ranging from things as simple as the Olympus LS-10 & Zoom Hn4 to the classic SM-57 & EV-RE 20.

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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What's This?

5 reviews for The Foley Collection – Vol. 1 – Breaking Things

  1. Ethr

    Gives that little extra crunch and punch to sounds

  2. Paulo De Castro

    Now I don’t have to break things and try to record it in high quality. I can get back to just producing!

  3. Symmol

    The foley in this pack is perfect for layering and adding texture and depth to your mix, and there’s so many samples your never going to run out.

  4. Rhekluse

    So much aggression was unleashed while recording these great sounds of smashing and breaking things like lights and CD Players. I think Bill needs a vacation from his problems. Dope pack.

  5. kreatim

    The Quality of this pack is great. There are allot of great usable samples.
    There are to many sample packs out there today and allot of them are not really interesting.
    This sample pack is pretty unique due to the fact that it has allot of great textures.
    I can assure you, you will not find anything like this anywhere online.
    Thanks to Mr. Bill there are finally packs out there that people actually can use.
    Thank you for these great packs!

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