Ableton Devices

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Ableton Devices Course

80 video walk throughs of every single one of Ableton Live's built in devices (Live 9).


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The Devices Series consists of 80 videos spanning over 10 hours that details the function & usage of every parameter on every device in Ableton Live. Ever been writing music and thought to yourself “What does Base on Saturator even do!?” and couldn’t be bothered opening the manual to check? Yeah, we’ve all been there, don’t worry.

So I’ve simplified this for you by turning the entire Ableton manual into video format essentially. Just go to the Saturator video in this case, watch the video and you’re on your way to a new life of understanding the devices ins and outs perfectly (along with some creative applications of it) without wasting your time reading (like a big ol’, time-wastin’, dummy!)


Course Delivery

The Devices Series consists of 80 videos spanning over 10 hours, each video focusing on new devices or sections of devices. There are some inherent mini-series’ within this series, for instance – all the instruments in Live take more than 1 video to explain in their entirety, so Operator spans over 6 videos ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes per video outlining each section of the device separately, where as something like Corpus only consists of a single 20 minute video outlining everything about it. Also all Dynamics Processors, Filter Effects & Time-Based Effects have been grouped into their own videos spanning around 30 minutes each.



The Devices Series aims to show users the function & usage (creative & blatant) of every parameter on every device in Ableton Live.


By the end of this course, you can expect to:

  • Know how to apply these parameters in creative & functional ways to your own productions
  • Gain awareness of the vast functionality of Ableton Live’s native tools
  • Learn when & why to use certain tools for certain jobs
  • Gain a broader understanding of audio-engineering in general (for example; learn what a compressor does, why it exists, etc – which can be applied not only to Ableton’s compressor, but ALL compressors you’ll ever deal with in the future from 3rd party plug-ins, to hardware versions)