Klaf (ft. Clockvice)

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What's This?

7 reviews for Klaf (ft. Clockvice)

  1. Joe Dog

    Dopest of the Dope

  2. Scobra

    Amazing really.

  3. Rhekluse

    Such a tune! The whole track is a journey. I love that ending!

  4. Zeal James

    Seriously such a fantastic collaboration and the website is incredible Bill, amazing!

  5. Viberous

    I love listening to tracks that I don’t know how to describe…let alone put in a “genre.” This is a straight up symphony of sounds that keeps you locked in every minute. Beyond inspiring!

  6. Truly Outrageous

    Seriously though, I fucking love Mr. Bills stuff. Unique in every aspect.

  7. Jacob Whitt

    This track starts out with what sounds like a final fantasy introduction into a huge mysteriously silent and empty clock tower and then drops into a huge metalloid-heavy, in-your-face Bass-IDM banger with plenty of swingin’ Mr.Bill-famous clicky ticky percussion and a slammin’ footwork/juke beat after full of some lush psytrance squelchies. The free jazz solo that follows on piano into the building breakdown is hokey but in the best and most fitting way (how the fuck does this actually happily work here?! SO GOOD buaahahaha!!) The drop is full of revving machine-like synths with the melodic thumb pianos and keys instruments coming back in in a slow and churning orchestral build, evoking a sense of wonder and expectancy of “the final boss” or something of that sort. Bill and Clockvice deliver ten fold with a HUGE. FUCKING. NEURO DROP that is so in your face that the part that melted off is melting further into another parallel dimension of space elves. The vocal chops that come and the transition into outro are the perfect “hero’s response to this beast” as it’s last dying breath of LFO’d maquina squeals out and fades into the outro… 10/10 would adventure again. Mr. Bill has been grinding and his new power levels shine so brightly in this chune.

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