The Art of Mr. Bill – Season 05


Join me as I unravel my musical creation process through 35 high-quality videos amounting to around 13.5 hours of content. Immerse yourself in the art of Ableton Live production and take your tracks from inception to completion, shaping the sounds you’ve always envisioned.

Worth 690 Mr. Bill Bucks!
What's This?


The Art Of Mr. Bill is a series that started in 2012. Each season outlines my production process in a long-form video series. Season 5 continues the focus on high quality video production that started in Season 4, Captured and produced by GARDNSOUND.

This series invites you to experience the unplanned, chaotic nature of my workflow in its entirety. I’ll share some insights into how I generate creativity and get songs finished on a regular basis.

Quite a bit of time has passed between seasons 4 & 5, but I think it was worth it. I’ve learned so many new tricks since then! This series is a culmination of those put into the context we’re likely all most interested in – how to use said tricks to make a solid tune!

I hope to contextualise splintered information you’ve already learned from my tutorials into a form that results in an actual finished piece of music.

Who is this for?

  • Intermediate music producers seeking to refine their process and skill with professional insight
  • Beginner music producers with little or no experience using Ableton Live who want to produce music

If you complete this course you will:

  • No longer struggle to finish your tracks
  • Know how to take a song from start to finish in Ableton Live in an efficient & pragmatic way
  • Craft & improve your production workflow to fit your style & speed up the creation process
  • Create the music you want to create
  • Gain professional insight on production from Mr. Bill
  • Break creative barriers with generative ideas
  • Understand and utilize Ableton Live and its many devices and tools

Season 5 includes:

  • Around 13.5 hours of content split up into 35 videos
  • The full process from concept through completion of a new Mr. Bill track
  • Course Tracking so you don’t lose your place
  • The full track project file including every sound, effect, and sample used.

Topics covered:

  • Creative idea generation
  • Ableton Live & its devices
  • Sound design & synthesis
  • Audio engineering & editing
  • The importance of Referencing
  • Track organizational methods
  • Mixing


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