The Foley Collection – Vol. 3 – Metals

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This metal-themed, foley pack is exactly as it sounds. FUCKING METAL! These samples are perfect for layering with percussion & transient-based elements to take your average, saggy, 6/10 beat into a mechanical monster that’ll make your friends be like “Woah, did you smack a mormon wearing a chastity belt in the dick with the trucks of your skateboard, record it with an Olympus LS10 field recorder, run away & then layer that on your snare!?”, to which you’ll respond “No, but thank you for asking”.

Spanning over 369 samples totaling 157 MB of disk space, these 44.1kHz, 24-bit files range from percussive, metallic, warehouse recordings such as the sounds of 44-gallon drums, bins being treated like the trash receptacles they are, machinery (such as circular saws), thermos’, storage containers, mesh grates through to the ASMR qualities from nuts & bolts & foil!

Never complain to me that your production doesn’t have enough hard-edged detail to it ever again, because I’ll just link you to this pack & tell you to layer it on your drums! :p

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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What's This?

6 reviews for The Foley Collection – Vol. 3 – Metals

  1. Ethr

    I have all of the foley collections and they just never disappoint when struggling with flat sounds.

  2. Paulo De Castro

    Using these for some tops on my productions and the vibes these create are amazeballs!!

  3. Symmol

    Some great samples for layering and use as percussion in these packs, giving your drums and sounds the metallic hint that they were missing.

  4. Viberous

    This may be my favorite sample pack. Love the bolt samples and all the klang-worthy percussion. Bang away! \m/

  5. Rhekluse

    These are Metal AF! Very useful and practical for layering or if you make 44 gallon drum metal tunes!

  6. Shuttle

    Totally impressed by these. True to its description, this pack does exactly what it says. A subtle hint of these on my drums has given them the grit and shine they were missing. Another must have set of samples to add to the collection.

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